Scenic Wetland Flight

Enjoy a scenic flight over the Mary River Floodplain’s where your will see the amazing wetlands from the air.

Seeing the length and breadth of this amazing landscape by air, is an experience that you will find hard to describe. Checkered with glorious specks of colour, the rivers weave in and out across the land as you glide across vast escarpment and wetlands.

Get a 360-degree view of the Mary River and Kakadu National Park

Choose from 3 different flight options or speak with our pilot and custom design your special scenic flight experience.  

  • 20 minutes: 20 minutes is a wonderful way to get a snapshot of this beautiful land where you will see the Mary River and her expansive wetlands.
  • 45 minutes: gives you an opportunity to extend out further and check out the Mary River, Shady Camp and surrounding areas. The crocodiles banked up on the shores warming their skin with the day's sun, will give you an eerie sense of what lurks below.
  • 3 hour Kakadu: prepare your day to head across to Kakadu National Park and see the expansive escarpments that have been home to our indigenous peoples for centuries. Land at Cooinda and stop at the lodge for lunch or check out the cultural centre. You won’t believe how vast the countryside is in this world heritage listed parkland.
  • 3 Hour Kakadu + Yellow Waters Cruise: Add a 1.5hr boat cruise along the Yellow Waters when you get to Cooinda on your Kakadu tour, for a full river and sky experience.

Flying in a small plane is different to a big passenger plane as it is a far more personal and exhilarating experience. Being closer to the ground you get a real Birdseye view on what lies below. Watching buffalo gallop across the wetlands, crocodiles on the waters edge and birds fly off into the horizon, nothing beats the feeling.

Our Cessna 182 Fixed Wing is suitable for 2 people, but can take up to 3. For families or groups, we also have a Cessna 210, which takes up to 5 passengers.  


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