Culture Walk

Trek through this curious monsoon rainforest and observe its strong contrast with the surrounding environment.

The monsoon rainforest is unique because its trees shed leaves during the dry season, regrowing them in the monsoon or wet season.  They are also only found in North-Eastern Australia, on the Indian subcontinent, in China, tropical Africa and America.

In this monsoon oasis, you will search for native insects, reptiles, birds and marsupials. Your guide will teach you about native bush tucker while you pass through some of the oldest bushlands in Australia. Walking along the track you will be amazed at how much cooler it feels under the shroud of the woodlands.

This is an easy track to navigate and is suitable for all ages. It takes around one hour to complete and is only a short 10-minute drive from Wildman Wilderness Lodge. 

Brian Creek Bush Walk Includes:
  1. 1 hour guided bush walk-in monsoon rainforest
  2. Transfers to and from the lodge


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