Our Commitment To The Environment

Taking the gentle path has allowed us to create a truly unique lodge. With every consideration to sustainable practices, Wildman Wilderness Lodge fosters a great respect for the wildlife, the area and its peoples. With a strong focus on minimising impact to the land, we are committed to conservation and our guests can relax in the knowledge that they are sharing this environmental philosophy with us.

Environmental Best Practice

Environmental best practice technology has been optimised in all operational aspects from the generation of power to the treatment of water, with the aim of creating minimal environmental impact. In addition, all tours and activities are conducted by guides qualified in particular disciplines of Anthropology, Zoology and related Wildlife and Nature Studies. Where possible, guides are recruited from surrounding Aboriginal groups.

Low Impact

Committed to conservation, Wildman Wilderness Lodge is the ultimate ‘recycled resort’, and how it came into being is a story on an epic scale. When Wrotham Park (located 300 kms west of Cairns) closed in 2009, its infrastructure was dismantled, loaded onto 18 triple road trains and transported 2800 kms across Australia. Once unloaded in their new setting on the Mary River Wetlands, the buildings formed a new site of sophisticated accommodation that is now the unique Wildman Wilderness Lodge.

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