DTV Tour

A truly unique way to view the scenery in this special part of the outback. Enjoy a 45 minute tour through the stringy bark savannah.

The Dual Track Vehicle or DTV, is a two track vertical bike-like machine, that allows you to pretty much go where ever you want in the outback, through sand and puddles. After a short training session, join your tour guide to venture into the stringy bark savannah where you will learn about the local flora and fauna and maybe catch a wallaby or buffalo basking in the shade. This is truly a unique way to see the outback.

Note: The DTV activation is a cross between snowboarding and motorbike riding and requires dexterity and fitness. It is not suitable for all ages and only guests 18 years and above are permitted. All participants will be required to undertake a short test prior to approval to participate. Further, there will be a short training course prior to the tour commence. This is a scenic guided tour and guests will not be permitted to ride off the track.

Safety equipment including helmet, elbow pads, gloves, shin pads and motorbike shoes will be provided. Guest should also wear long sleeve shirts and pants.


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